Living Intentionally and with Excellence

I love how she brings her parent’s influence into her life experiences. My parents, as many do, remain to be such an enormous part of my life and a huge influence on my decisions. When I moved out of their home, I moved literally next door. I don’t picture myself ever living far away from them nor can I imagine the day when I won’t have both of them anymore.

I couldn’t agree more with the thought that life is too short to live unintentionally. I’m not saying that everyone should be an idiot and go around using YOLO as an excuse for every dumb idea that pops into his head, but there’s no reason one should conform for conformity’s sake. Do your own thing.

Oak of Righteousness

I know it’s a cliché, however, I’m starting to understand what people mean when they say “life’s too short to ___fill in the blank___” I think for me the phrase is “Life’s too short to live unintentionally.” I want to do my best to live each moment intentionally, thinking through what I’m doing and why, being aware of what I’m consuming (food, drink and media, etc). 

Growing up my parents emphasized “excellence.” We were to do everything in an excellent way: from sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, to conversations with friends, doing our jobs, even playing (using our imaginations instead of being bored) etc.  This is one of the greatest lessons that my parents instilled in me (even if I tease Dad about the time he made me clean the kitchen floors again: “the point of mopping is not to just get the floor wet but to pick up…

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