Frustration Frustration

This is off my normal ideas of writing, but hey, it’s a blog so what the hell..

I have taken the same chemistry class three times. I only barely passed the third time I took it and I am looking at a grade of 14% for the fourth class. Ironically… I am a chem major. I try and try and in this class I only become more and more frustrated. The Lao-Tse quote “The more I know, the less I understand” rings one hundred percent true in my case.

I’m not one of the student’s that just doesn’t go to class either. I utilize all of my resources. I have a tutor, I make weekly visits to the tutoring center, I get help from my sister and father, a chem major and doctor respectively. I study, I take good notes, I do my homework and extra exercises from my book. And I still don’t get it.

My issue right now is that I have already lost a year from my undergrad, forcing me into a five year track instead of four years. And another switch of majors will only add more time to it.. Oh well… I guess that’s just the price one has to pay.

What do I do!? Help!!!


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