Pare it down.

So, as I have said before I am a student. I attend a very small Catholic University in central Pennsylvania, of only about 1,200 students. And I have come to realize, as I begin the journey through my first academic composition course that I have never learned how to write academically. I always assumed myself a good writer, I blog, I write poems, I used to write for my school newspaper, but the type of compositions I produced were just not appropriate for the setting in which I now find myself. 

The principle tenant of academic writing is to be concise. You must eliminate all the unnecessary words, be a short as possible, and dear God, do not use the word ‘you’. So I have broken approximately four rules within a single, introductory sentence, one of which I have broken twice. The verdict stands, I am not an academically minded writer.

However I do find many parallels between the habits of an academic writer and the habits of the person living the life I would like to lead. One does not need all the extra “fluff”, the words that, which, who, and most of the time, the, are unneeded. These words, to me, are the extra baggage that comes from a normal life. I don’t need THAT shirt. I don’t want WHICHever car I don’t have. I don’t need THE drama. Each word has particular correspondence to some object in my life which has to go.

As I let go of my old writing habits to make room for newer and more appropriate mechanisms, I also have to continue letting go of my attachment to things.

Everything is things. I don’t need things. I need basic necessities, yes, but who says that I need a new, remodeled home, or that I need the newest, nicest wardrobe. I don’t. I need experience, I need communication, trust, and happiness.


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