Quality over Quantity

A battle that we are all familiar with, quality over quantity. Materialism is, after all, one of the most basic human instincts. We consume and consume until there just isn’t anything more that we can bring into our lives, and somehow we still always find
for more.
We see people on “Hoarders” and such and we question the validity of material possession: does it really make us feel better? Is the relief long term or short?
One battle I have been conquering is the battle of experience over material. Money is made for spending after all, isn’t it? My mother refers to money as coupons. I have found the value in spending money on experience over possessions. When the possessions are long gone, the memory of the experiences will live on and on.
I feel, that while this is one of the most difficult learned lessons, it’s most intrinsically linked to letting go of a life of material, for a transcendence into a deliberate life.


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